Aluminium Foil

30cm x 150m, 44cm x 150m

Cling Wrap

33cm x 600m, 45cm x 600m and 45cm x 1300m

Grease Proof Paper

Full Cut, 1/2 Cut, 1/3 Cut, 1/4 Cut, 1/6 Cut and 1/8 Cut

Non Stick Baking Paper

30cm x 120m, 40.5cm x 120m

White Grease Proof Paper

30cm x 120m

Unbleached Grease Proof Paper

1/4 Cut and 1/8 Cut

Duro Roll Towel


Duro Wiper Roll Blue

50cm x 30cm 80 sheets

Duro Wiper Roll Red

50cm x 30cm 80 sheets

Finesse Perforated Roll


Maxi Strong Towel

3ply, 225mm x 215mm, 60 sheets

Gas Lighters

24 per pack, Black/Red Assorted

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